Are You Optimizing Your Etsy Shop For Mobile?

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Mobile traffic now represents roughly 13% of internet traffic globally.

And that’s not all: a study done by the 60 Second Marketer community found that there are more active mobile phone subscriptions in the world than there are toothbrushes.

As more and more customers are shopping on their phones and tablets, optimizing for them becomes vital.

Here are some ways to tweak your handmade store for mobile devices:

SEO for mobile

Mobile and desktop users don’t search the same way.

It all boils down to how the keyboards on phones and tablets are either tiny or tough, making them a pain to type on.

Mobile users tend to type less, opting for shorter search phrases. While a desktop user might look for “red crocheted shawl,” an iPhone user is more likely to use “shawl.”

To find out common mobile search phrases, set the Google Adwords: Keyword tool to “All mobile devices.”

SEO For Mobile

Short paragraphs are key

Mobile screens are very small: paragraphs that seem fine on a desktop device can look like a wall of text on mobile.

Use subheading and break your descriptions down into paragraphs that are only two or three sentences in length. This will make your listings easier to read.

Some subheading ideas:

Available Colors


——————— Shipping Info ———————

Include all the information

This may seem like a no-brainier, but you’d be surprised at how often people forget it.

Having to navigate multiple pages can be quite a hassle on mobile- pages load slow and opening multiple windows and tabs can be annoying.

Reduce the need to do a lot of clicking by including all the information in your listing descriptions. This means including your lead time, writing down sizing information and listing all the options you have available.

If you listing is for a set of perfume, list each scent. Don’t make potential buyers navigate multiple listings to find out what they are.

Another way to reduce the need to navigate multiple pages is by linking similar listings within your description- no only are you helping with SEO, you’re saving customers’ time.

Reduce the need to scroll

Mobile users hate tedious scrolling, so reduce the need for it as much as you can.

For example, link your shop’s main page at the bottom of your listing description so that the buyer doesn’t have to scroll all the way up to click.

Your first picture is all you’ve got

Mobile use is on the rise

Unfortunately, mobile download rates can be extremely slow and not many users know that they have to swipe to see additional pictures on the Etsy app.

Your first picture has to say it all. Try to avoid quirky angles or closeups- use a picture that shows the entire item instead. By having as much detail as you can in the first photo, you’re give the potential customer all the information they need to buy.

Check your store

The best way to optimize is to go through the buying experience yourself.

Put yourself in your buyers’ shoes and visit your Etsy store on mobile. Don’t have a mobile device? Google’s GoMo tool has got you covered. Click on “Test Your Site” and enter your listing or shop URL in the box.


Hope this helps you improve the mobile shopping experience for your buyers!

It all boils down to mobile user behavior. In short:

-Avoid making customers scroll a lot.
-Optimize for a mix of short and long search phrases.
-Most tablet users tend to use portrait mode (vertically).
-Short is key.
-Track your mobile visits by installing Google Analytics.


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