Handmade Sellers: Your About Page is Not About You

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Last week, I talked about the importance of having an About page on Etsy. About pages should imbue personality and make your Etsy store memorable- the About page is a great marketing tool when used correctly. Here are nine tips to get you started:

“About” is a deceptive name

How to write an About page

It’s easy for an Etsy seller to read the word, “About” and think, “Hey, a page about me! I’ll fill it up with all the things I want customers to know about me!” If you’re one of these sellers, stop right there.

There are two things the word “About” describes: the About page’s content and its purpose. The content part is all you’ll get right if you think the about page is for you to tell customers what you want them to know. And that’s the wrong approach.

Here’s the newsflash: there’s no point in writing content without purpose in mind, and the purpose of the About page is not about you. Seriously. It’s about your customers. The About page is where your customers and prospective buyers go to find out what THEY want to know about you. So repeat after me: The about page is for my buyers to find out what THEY want to know about me. Make it your mantra while you’re writing your About page.

Think like your customer

Now that you’ve figured out the purpose of the About page, it’s time to think content. What kind of questions are your customers likely to want answered? Two obvious ones are “Why should I buy from you?” and “Who are you?” The rest likely depends on your target market. Unfortunately this also means that there are no solid rules to follow when writing content for your About page- every target market has specific needs.

Put yourself in your customers shoes and click through your store. What kind of questions pop into your head as you browse around? Think of your About page as a FAQ for these questions, but without the boring question and answer format.

Develop a persona

When it comes to handmade and art, artists are as much a brand as their Etsy store is. Most of your About page content will be focused on introducing the artist behind the artistry. This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and humanize yourself. Use your About page to build a persona: pay attention to the tone and style of your writing, they should go with the persona you’re creating.

Your persona will be what visitors are most likely to remember, so it’s time to toot your horn. Build credibility. Keep in mind to stick to the facts- developing a persona is all about building a connection, not embellishment.

Write for Google too

SEO your About page
About pages get indexed by search engines and are a great landing page for customers. When writing your About page, consider what search terms a prospective buyer may use to find items like yours. Try to write those key words into your About page, being careful not to overstuff it.

Be concise and passionate

It’s getting harder and harder to keep a person’s attention these days. A short About page has better chances of being read than a long one. Handmade buyers are drawn to Etsy sellers who are passionate about their craft and handmade, so tell your story- make it memorable, make it engaging, but make it concise. That story about how your family recipe was passed down doesn’t have to be an epic.

In the rare case your About page must be long, format it well by using headings and short paragraphs. Nothing turns readers off faster than a wall of text.

Say it with pictures

Say it with pictures
Photo Credit: Gary Scott

The best part about Etsy About pages is that sellers are able to have a picture slideshow. Pictures not only conserve precious text space, they’re great attention grabbers. People are more likely to believe what they see rather than what they read, and pictures are awesome for that. Don’t just tell your customers that all your items are handcrafted- show it.

Consider prospective buyers who find your About page through Google. The pictures you choose will be their first impression of your Etsy store, so choose wisely- pictures that show off entire ranges or different items grouped together or wide-angle shots of your workspace will have a better impact than close-ups. Save the detail shots for your listings.

Link your social media

Do you happen to have a blog or social media? If so, link them. Your About page also serves as a portal to further customer engagement. Someone who doesn’t buy from your store today might later if they find you on their Facebook feed. Similarly, making it easy to find your social media after the sale is done helps develop loyalty to your Etsy store.

Building connections is a huge part of selling handmade, so engage your buyers. Invite them to follow you on Twitter or Facebook.

Make sure your About page matches your store

Make sure your About page matches your store

One of the biggest mistakes an Etsy seller can make is writing an About page that’s inconsistent with the rest of the store.

Have a look at your descriptions- are they whimsical? Serious? Make sure your tone carries over to your About page too.

Branding is all about building a persona.

One of my favorite About pages is by SignFail. It tells the buyer about his product and personality through an easy to read list that’s as hilarious as the signs in his store.

Don’t write what you don’t want people to know

Finally, don’t write things that make you uncomfortable. Would you rather not put your photo? Or do you not like talking about family online? That’s fine. While the About page should be where customers go to find out what they want to know about you, it shouldn’t be about things that make you uncomfortable either. Remember that whatever you put online may stay there forever. A good rule of thumb is what I call the newspaper test: don’t write things that you won’t want to see quoted on the front page of a newspaper.

Have a tip?

Do you have any more tips for writing Etsy About pages or have a killer About page yourself? Share them in the comments below!


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  1. Marizhka

    I’ve been on Etsy for a month now and have not filled up my about page yet.. It’s been at the back of my mind for sure but I just lacked the inspiration to do so. Your article has shed some light and I’m now making it my objective to get the page up by the end of the week.

  2. About pages also matter to vintage sellers and are probably a lot more difficult to compile, because we dont “make” things. Therefore its more difficult for us to communicate the real passion which many vintage sellers bring to their work. When I buy from a vintage seller the kinds of things I want to know how s/he got into dealing or collecting, and any amusing or intriguing stories about the “thrill of the chase”.

    • Blaire

      I agree About pages matter to vintage too and they need to be written a bit differently compared to handmade.

      Two of the things I urge vintage sellers to do are to talk about their passion for their niche and how they choose the items they sell. Describing the hunt can add a sense of exclusivity to the items in a vintage store!

  3. Ten

    Great article! I was trying to write my About page and I just kept on starring the at screen, now I finally got some grasp on what to write other than “Hello ma name is Ten, g’day mates. I be selling these Weiners fo 2 dolla a pop”. Ok, it didn’t quite go like that, but I really didnt have anything to write :P

    Thanks a lot!!

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