Online Marketplaces: size matters

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Have you ever seen a gorgeous item while surfing an online market place, only to have trouble finding out how big it is? Maybe the seller didn’t bother to indicate size at all. Or maybe he/she attempted to, but used a coin that you’re not familiar with?

How often does this happen?

Size matters when it comes to selling online
Photo credit: Hannah Chapman

When it comes to selling online, size really matters. Buyers can’t reach out and touch your products. They can’t tell if that beautiful vintage vase you’re selling will look fine on their table. They can’t try on that shirt you’ve listed to see if it fits.

Tell prospective customers how big your items are in your listing.

Don’t rely on pictures with coins in them- the buyer has to picture the coin and then try to envision your item in proportion to it. (And that’s assuming the buyer is familiar with the coin you’re using.)

Include sizes in your item description

Include sizes in your item description

Online marketplaces are like conveyor belt restaurants, where plates of sushi are paraded before sitting customers.

If you want to sell your product on Etsy or Artfire (or any online marketplace), don’t make buyers ask you for basics like size. Most won’t go through the trouble of clicking your contact link, typing out a message, and then waiting for a reply.

They’ll just go for the next plate.

Keep international buyers in mind

The internet is global. Many online sellers are reporting that a huge chunk of their sales come from buyers outside their country- it can go from 15% and up.

When writing sizes, keep your international buyers in mind. Write your sizes in both inches and centimeters.

If your product has a size range, don’t rely on country-specific sizing charts. A shirt that’s considered Medium in one country can turn out to be Extra-Large in another. Write out a sizing chart that lists the waist, bust and hip measurements for your clothes. This will save both you and your buyer the trouble of having to do an exchange or refund.

Say it with pictures

Show size with pictures

Make use of pictures. Modeling shots not only indicate size, they make your items look desirable. Take some wide angle shots of that vase on your table- it’ll give your customers some awesome placement ideas! Pictures are a huge part of selling over the web.

A picture of your child modeling your shirt can indicate size and may even seal the deal. Often, a picture of the item in action is what truly motivates the buyer to click the “Buy” button.

But remember- pictures should never replace writing down the actual sizes in your item description.


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