6 Ways Product Design Can Increase Sales

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How to design a product range

Product design is a vital component of marketing: you have to sell what people want in order for them to buy. Simple right? Unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t get this right.

Small businesses usually design products they want to base their entire business on. Very few recognize that the right type of product, while not incredibly profitable on its own, can act as a marketing tool; it helps move the rest of their product line. And sometimes you don’t even have to sell any of it for that to happen.

Here are six types of products every business should have at least one of:

Product Design: The Inexpensive product

This can be sample sizes or one of your more popular pendant designs sans gemstone.

Including an inexpensive item when developing your product range is one of the best ways to build repeat business:

Lower-priced items act as an entry to your brand.

They can offer uncertain customers a chance to sample your product before making a larger purchase.

Product Design: The timeless product

Sell a timeless product
Photo Credit: Kasey Albano

Even the trendiest companies like Louis Vuitton work hard to maintain their classic ranges. These are the products that will usually come to mind when customers think of your company.

When done correctly, timeless pieces often end up as bestsellers.

Classics are evergreen: they never go out of style.

They are safe, making them perfect for customers who aren’t collectors.

Think the little black dress or chocolate-chip cookies: always in demand.

Product Design: The trendy product

Offering new collections regularly fosters repeat businesses. Repeat buyers are usually collectors and they like to keep up with trends.

Have at least one product in your catalogue that’s in line with current trends and seasons. It can be as simple as reinterpreting one of your classics, like listing your best-selling scarf in red during Christmas time.

Product Design: The exclusive product

Design a product that stands out

This is a trick I picked up while working in luxury. Marketers often say that people like to belong to a group, but what many leave out is that people also want to be the one that stands out in a group.

Offering a limited edition can cause a sense of urgency in purchasing.

An exclusive product that regular customers can earn acts as a reward for repeat purchases.

Product Design: The value-added product

This is the one with all the extra frills. It can even be an existing product in your store that’s customized or shipped faster.

Going the extra mile encourages buyers to talk about you in a positive way, and you know what they say about word of mouth being the best form of advertising there is!

One way to put this into action is by appealing to gift givers. Most people who are looking for a gift are ready to buy, they just don’t know what to buy. Have it ready for them by choosing and packaging it appropriately.

Product Design: The Outrageous product

This is a tried and true marketing trick that still works wonders. The design of this product can either be so cringe-worthy that whoever is looking at your store wishes Regretsy was still running, or wacky enough for people to wonder what it is you’re selling.

Sell an outrageous product

In 2010, ME! Bath went the overpriced route; they launched the world’s most expensive bath, starting at $50,000.

The one-page site went viral: people laughed at them, people discussed them, people debated the intelligence of their customers. The end result was tones of free press for ME! Bath and lots of customers for the products they were actually focused on selling: $10 bath bombs.

And it seems they never did sell any of their expensive baths (not that they ever wanted to anyway).

Flesh out your catalogue

I hope this article has helped you flesh out your product range! Which one of these will be right for your business?


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  1. Kit Kat

    I think outrageous products are good marketing gimmicks, they attract people attention to your brand.

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