About Pages Matter to Handmade- here’s why

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Why About Pages Matter to Handmade

The “About” page is one of the features on Etsy that many sellers have yet to use. I only have one thing to say- use it! About pages are a powerful marketing opportunity for any business, especially handmade and art. Here’s why:

Handmade is all about craftsmanship

Handcrafted items usually take longer to make and are of higher quality compared to commercial goods. Individual craftsmanship is handmade’s biggest selling point; it’s what makes your items unique. The about page is the perfect place to introduce your passion, dive into your creative process and show your customer what makes your product premium.

Buyers like to know who they’re buying from

Buyers like to know who they're buying from

About pages often rank as one of the top three most visited pages on websites.

The Etsy mobile app even displays a store’s about page link right at the top, it’s practically the first link they see when they enter your store. Etsy recognizes its importance- buyers want to know who they’re buying from.

When it comes to handmade, crafters are as much a brand as their shop is. Having an about page is a great way to introduce the artist behind the artistry.

Customers can find you through your About page

About pages show up on Google- think of it as another SEO opportunity. A well written about page is a great way to captivate buyers who have stumbled onto your shop.

About pages flesh out your Etsy shop

About pages add depth to your handmade store. That family fable about your craft or all those interesting tidbits that would otherwise clutter up your listings? Put them on your about page. Tell your story. About pages let your personality shine through.

Getting personal makes you memorable

Getting personal makes you memorable

Etsy is a huge global online market place. Unless you have a patent, you are likely one of thousands selling similar handmade items.

An about page offers the perfect chance to humanize yourself and make your pitch.

Best of all, Etsy allows a picture slideshow on about pages, so you can add a distinct visual to your words. Buyers are more likely to return to your store if they remember you as an individual rather than “that store on Etsy.”

About pages make you stand out, they make you interesting, they make you memorable.

About pages allow you to connect with your customers

Have you ever wished you could chat with your customers the same way you could at an art gallery or craft show? About pages are the online marketplace equivalent- they are your chance to speak directly to your customer. About pages also serve as a portal to your social media and blog (if you have one), allowing them to further connect with you. A handmade purchase is an experience that can be enhanced by customer engagement.

How to write a great Etsy about page

Learn How to Spice Up Your About Page in the second part of this article.


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  1. Sarah

    I disagree. I am an above average seller on Etsy, and for every 10,000 views, maybe 2 will look at my profile, and I’m pretty sure those are other sellers.

    • Jones

      Every small thing helps. Regardless of you having 2 out of 10.000 look at your profile, its still a chance to give the viewer a more personal look at who you are. Those who like your shop and read your profile do so because they want to know more about you.

      Personally, I don’t think its a chance I’d want to miss, especially since making an about page is both easy and fast.

      Thinking ahead and having basic things done will ultimately help a shop sell more.

    • Blaire

      Sarah, Etsy doesn’t show the amount of views an About page gets. If you’re using Shop Stats, all you’re seeing are the amount of people who find your shop through your About page.

      I definitely agree that an About page isn’t necessary, but it can be a huge contributing factor to it. Especially for handmade businesses.

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